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    Ryan Polselli founded MammoLink® in 2016 to improve the process of breast cancer screening and imaging for all patients and their physicians.


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    Ryan Polselli

    Ryan Polselli started the company MammoLink® in 2016 to fix glaring problems with the cancer screening and tumor imaging system in most American hospitals and medical centers. Dr. Polselli has worked in radiology for many years and is the head of Breast Imaging for Global Imaging Specialists. His...
    In addition to being an inventor and radiology expert, Ryan Polselli has tried his hand at many arts and disciplines during his lifetime. He learned how to tend bar and worked as a bartender between his various educational stops and a stint in the military. He also learned how to pilot aircraft...
    Ryan Polselli is a diagnostic radiologist working as the head of Breast Imaging for Global Imaging Specialists. He is also the CEO and founder of MammoLink®, a revolutionary breast imaging company that helps physicians detect cancer earlier and make better treatment recommendations. Dr. Polselli...
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